Mikel Urdangarin

Ura dakarzut

I’m bringing you water,
a handful of water.
Not enough, but
I’m bringing you water.

The last line blur
the sun
wrote on the skyline:
the same color
fire has
when burning letters.

I’m bringing you water,
from far away.
Even if it’s not enough
I’m bringing you water.

The throat dry,
matches damp,
eyes on the highway,
coyotes’ howling
& the hissing of snakes
all left behind ...

I’m bringing you water ...

Is it water from what was a desert
all of a sudden?
Reading messages from heaven
when we don’t get along,
wise sorcerers
awaiting the stars
at the critical crux.

Translated by Elizabeth Macklin

Izurdeen Lekua (*Zart, 2020)