Imposible Symmetries

25 August 2019

What is the relationship between the culture created in Basque and that created in Spanish in the Basque Country like? There is a politically correct answer which, despite not being a lie, is not very interesting: that this relationship is becoming better and better. The old automatism that ideologises the language, the weight of former prejudice is blurring. The time of blocs is gone, hooray for the cracks, since flowers grow in cracks. But microprejudice persists, subtle and concealed, untouchable. We have become accustomed to judging each other by mere appeaance for too long, and that bad habit will not disappear overnight. To be honest, there is a trick in that first question, as it is presupposed that those who work and live in Basque are a closed and defined group. And that’s not the case. Because all Basque creatives are erdaldun (Basque word that is used to describe a person who speaks a language that is n... Read more

The author

HARKAITZ CANO (Basque Country, 1975) started to write and publish literature in his early twenties. He has published books of poetry, collections of short stories and novels. Cano has tak... Read more