Dardaren interpretazioa


Editor: Olerti Etxea (Basque)
Year: 2003
ISBN: 84-89997-04-7
Pages: 58


Encuentra la muerte mientras buscaba su ropa

That’s what the Hispanic newspaper said
in its giant headline.
Death found her among her clothes.
Like when we’re sweeping the room
and a chair hung from the ceiling
suddenly drops, death.
Hidden beneath the bed
in the famous room that Van Gogh drew,
or in the wide and bloated fish-eye view
through the peephole of the front door,
or at school,
reciting a memorized list of rivers
of the world, unaware that it’s time for a thaw.
Or on tiptoe, trying to see something behind a screen.
Never in the aim of a revolver.
Never on the pyramidal point of a dagger,
nor in the first uncontainable teardrop of the needle.
Things are very simple sometimes
when you hunt a maroon sock’s mate.
She found death among her clothes.
Looking for poison, waiting for adrenaline,
in the mailbox or on a flyer from the laundromat,
but never
in the duo Gallows-Last Wish.
She found death while looking for her clothes.
And she went, nude as almost always,
the whore.

Translated by: Kristin Addis